Piper and Co. baked goods are made with love and the finest quality ingredients; however, we are not yet a licensed animal feed provider in the state of Ohio. On the order request, you will be asked to disclose any allergens or dietary intolerances and we will review all ingredients. By purchasing pupcakery items, you accept that Piper and Co. is not responsible for any adverse reaction your dog may have to these products.

Does your pup go bananas for pumpkin or peanut butter? Can't get enough carrots and sweet potato? Let us know your doggos favorite flavors, or what to avoid, and we'll craft the perfect pupcake, cake, donut or treats.

Please submit an order request through the button below. Orders are not final until you receive confirmation from Piper and Co. via email. 


Baked goods cannot be shipped and must stay refrigerated. All orders must be picked up in Olde Towne East, unless previous arrangements are made.

Payments Accepted: Venmo, Paypal, Cash\

Additional Charges:

Delivery or Meetup: $5

Individual Treat packaging: $5-10 

Pupcakery Options

  • Pupcakes (regular or mini)

  • Canine Cakes (bone-shaped or round)

  • Doggie Donuts (regular size)

Suggested Flavor Combos

  • Peanut Butter + Banana + Honey 

  • Pumpkin + Apple + Oats

  • Apples + Applesauce + Honey

  • Sweet Potato + Carrot

  • Banana + Apple

  • Apple + Cheddar + Honey

Frosting Flavors

  • Peanut Butter + Greek Yogurt

  • Greek Yogurt + Honey

  • Pumpkin + Greek Yogurt

  • Cream Cheese + Blueberry or Strawberry

Standard Pupcakes

Minimum Order:

4 Pupcakes (single flavor)


  • 4 Pupcakes: $20

  • One Dozen: $30

  • Two Dozen: $40

Mini Pupcakes

Minimum Order:

One dozen (single flavor)


  • One Dozen: $20

  • Two Dozen: $30

Canine Cakes


7" bone cake/8" round

  • One-Layer Cake: $25/30

  • Two-Layer Cake: $40/45

  • Writing on Cake: $5

Doggie Donuts

Minimum Order:

4 Donuts (single flavor)


  • 4 Pupcakes: $20

  • One Dozen: $30

  • Two Dozen: $40